Novel Lipids Pharmacognosy Solutions

Novel Lipids Pharmacognosy Solutions

Optimizing Patient Outcomes For Those Suffering From An Impaired ∆-6 Desaturase Metabolic Pathway

EZTREK® is not a medicine and is not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure diseases.

Peskin Pharmaceuticals® was founded to research, develop, and ultimately commercialize therapeutics for disorders of the ∆-6metabolic pathway leading to increased inflammation. Today, many people’s diets unknowingly may cause chronic inflammation leading to ill-health.1,2 As we age, this pathway is known to become impaired.3 Eicosanoid optimization starts with the ∆-6 metabolic pathway:

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Applying unique insights into the epigenetic pathways, our approach focuses on state-of-the-art research — based on recognized scientific principles, and supported extensively in the scientific literature (See below.). The culmination of over 2 decades of research led to developing a plant-based lipids composition (Medical Food) to help improve inflammation-related problems.

Our methodology is unique. We focus on supporting and optimizing the patient’s natural physiologic processes; not blocking or impeding metabolic pathways. The results are novel and often highly effective.

Peskin Pharmaceuticals® has developed a medical food, EZTREK® — specially for dietary management with distinctive nutritional requirements, helping to compensate for an impaired delta-6 desaturase metabolic pathway, as diagnosed and evaluated by your physician. This patented, botanical-based lipids formulation is not duplicated by normal / typical dietary modification alone.

Medical Food EZTREK®