Novel Lipids Pharmacognosy Solutions

Treatment of diseases and disorders of impaired ∆-6 desaturase / inflammation

Novel Lipids Pharmacognosy Solutions

Treatment of diseases and disorders of impaired ∆-6 desaturase / inflammation

Optimizing Patient Outcomes

Peskin Pharmaceuticals® was founded to research, develop, and ultimately commercialize first-in-class therapeutics for circulatory system disorders and related cardiovascular complications; in particular, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. Applying unique insights into the epigenetic pathways, our approach focuses on state-of-the-art research and development of plant-based lipids to solve circulatory problems that have grown more intractable and urgent in recent decades. The culmination of 2 decades in research in these areas led to significant advances in expediting surgical and wound healing.

Our methodology is unique. We focus on supporting and optimizing the patient’s natural physiologic processes, not blocking or impeding metabolic pathways. The results are novel, highly effective treatment for specific chronic diseases / disorders across diverse patient populations.

There remains significant unmet need in wound healing with no effective drugs, particularly in diabetic patients. Peskin Pharmaceuticals® has developed a medical food, EZTREK™, that we believe has the potential to become the new first-in-class medical food for treating delta-6 desaturase impairment.

Medical Food EZTREK™

Diseases, Disorders & Impairment of the Δ-6 Desaturase Pathway

Most physicians and healthcare professionals have not been exposed to EFA-based science. Although extremely important, the field is mischaracterized by many as simply an exploration of fish oil. It is so much more than that. Because the field of eicosanoid physiology and its strong link to pathophysiology of disease is technically complex,

Novel Neuropathy Treatment

10% of Americans have diabetes and the number is increasing by 5% each year1

– 34 million Americans
– 88 million American adults — approximately 1 in 3 have prediabetes

50% – 66% of diabetic adults, during their lifetime, suffer Peripheral Neuropathy — associated with: substantial morbidity including pain, foot ulcers, and lower limb amputation2

Novel DFU Treatment

>1.75 Million patients in US are annually diagnosed with a DFU
(6% of all diabetics)1,2

Lifetime: 12% – 25% of diabetics will develop DFU3

25% of DFUs never completely heal2,3,4

40% Recurrence within 1 year after ulcer healing4

50% Recurrence after 3 years5